What Is Computer Software, Application Software And Systems Software?

A computer’s software refers to a program (or a group of programs) which give a computer instructions on what to do and how to operate. Software programs can provide one main task, or multiple main tasks.

As an example, a program designed to edit digital photographs has one key task (i.e. to allow for editing of photos) – naturally it would have numerous sub-tasks though (i.e. red eye removal, color correction features, resizing and cropping/cutting of an image).

On the other hand, a computer’s operating system (a complex piece of software which basically handles and runs the entire computer) would carry out many main tasks – for example handling input and output (i.e. the user typing in with a keyword, or audio coming out of speakers), memory allocation, managing the computer’s hardware components (these are the electrical components which power a computer) and much more.

Software can be grouped into roughly two groups: application software and systems software. Essentially, software which facilitates just one main task (for example, photo editing software as in the above example) would be counted as application software. This is contrasted to systems software which refers to complex, multi-task programs which help to run the entire system – such as an operating system.

These two main groups of software are discussed in more detail below:

Application Software

This is software which is installed on an operating system (See “Systems Software” below for more information). As mentioned above, this type of software tends to perform just one main task. Another example of application software would be a website browser: this is the program which you are probably using right now to view this article. Examples of a browser include Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In short, their main task/function is to facilitate you in surfing the internet.

Other types of application software are as follows:

  • Word Processing – this type of software allows you to type up documents and letters. Examples include Microsoft Office Word and Open Office.
  • Antivirus Software – this type of software helps protect your computer system against malicious threats such as viruses and malware. Examples include Norton Antivirus, Kaspersky Antivirus and AVG Anti-virus.
  • Photo Editing – this type of software can be used to edit and manipulate photos and other digital images in various ways. Examples include Paint.net, Corel PaintShop Pro and Adobe Photoshop.

Systems Software

This type of software is quite accurately described as being at the very core of any computer system. Without systems software, a computer could not really function. In short, it manages every aspect of a computer system – from how the hardware interacts with the software (‘drivers’) to giving the user an interface and platform to interact with the system (‘operating system’). The operating system – or ‘OS’ – is the software that loads up after your computer is switched on. It’s where all application software is installed on. Examples of an OS include Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7 etc), Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS) and Apple Mac OS X.

Other types of systems software include device drives (these make the hardware components function correctly with the software and computer system) and utilities (these are also called ‘utility tools’ and they help monitor, maintain, check and analyze different parts of a computer; such as ‘Task Manager’ and ‘Disk Defragment on Windows OSes).

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The Importance of Knowing E-Commerce Trends

As an owner of an online business, what e-commerce trends should you know and where should you find relevant information about the world of e-commerce? There are numerous websites that provide e-commerce news and recommends strategies that will help improve the performance of an e-commerce business. Knowing the trends will help guide a business in the right direction. As an online seller, you should know how to adapt and respond to the industry, that is the only way online businesses can remain successful. If you think it’s easier to run an online business than a physical business, think again. Just because almost all people can access the Internet nowadays, does not mean online businesses are automatically blessed with a lot more customers. Just because your business is on the Internet, does not mean that people will automatically know of your existence in the World Wide Web. If you think you can apply the same marketing efforts to your online business as with your physical business, you are in trouble.

Knowing about e-commerce trends will help you respond to the current market needs and allow you to formulate strategies that will attract more customers. There are e-commerce software providers that claim to provide full assistance for your online store. You have to ask yourself however, “can I really rely solely on their support to make the most out of my business?” As an online business owner, you are responsible for the success or failure of your online store. You should do your part in researching e-commerce trends and in seeking the advice of other online businesses on what to do to improve your online presence. You should be updated with what’s new in the e-commerce world, what are the current do’s and don’ts for online businesses and what marketing strategies are currently effective on the Internet.

There are websites that focus on providing the latest insider news regarding the industry. The following are some websites that you can frequently visit to obtain such information:

  • ecommercetrends.com
  • mashable.com
  • trendwatching.com
  • ecommercetimes.com
  • smartplanet.com
  • startupaddict.com
  • mycustomer.com
  • socialcommercetoday.com
  • internetretailer.com
  • richrelevance.com

Always stay tuned in to the current e-commerce trends, or get left behind by your competitors. It is critical that you are constantly informed about what’s in and what’s out when it comes to e-commerce. Only equipped with the right knowledge and being flexible to change, will your business thrive and become more profitable online.